Light is kind of magic: insubstantial, yet visible. It is something that can change our material world and the way we perceive it in thousand ways.
After all, it is light that winds our body clock; it naturally boosts our mood and heals us.

The way in which light brightens up our lives has a profound influence on the way we perceive reality, feel and function. Light is often deprived of its magic and power, when it comes from ill-conceived source.

However, when it seeps through thousands of holes of a gourd lamp's spherical layer, the magic begins to happen: the light searches for the shortest way to the screen on which it leaves its trace. That screen is the world around us - walls, furnitures, curtains.
Suddenly it turns out that everything around us, everything we thought we knew by heart and everything that seemed so time­worn becomes the backround for the scenery of unspoken beauty.

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